Simple Salmon

  • Salmon fillet (duh!)
  • Noodles (I used wide egg noodles)
  • Veggies (I used corn and an onion)

  • Prepare the salmon filet: Remove the scales if necessary (do this by running a knife against the skin, the scales will flake off). If you don't like the skin remove it entirely. Add salt, lemon (lemon juice is fine too) and spices (paprika works well).

    Carefully place the fish into an oiled pan, it will sizzle immediately and then die down. The bottom of the fillet should become white-ish after a few minutes, at this point flip it and cover the pan (covering will help prevent it from drying out, it's not necessary though).

    If you like your veggies well-cooked, put them in now. Next wait for the fillet to get a uniform color and flip it again. The side now on top should appear slightly brown. At this point the fish and noodles are almost done, try to adjust the temperature so they finish together.

    As soon as the noodles finish, drain and put them INTO the skillet. Pour a little soy sauce over them. Now turn up the heat and constantly turn all the ingredients over. (This gives the noodles a little color and firms the fillet.) After a minute turn off the heat and serve.

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