marinated beef stew

Top flat iron steak, turnip, onion, chicken broth, marinating spice pouch, soy sauce, brown suger, anise, garlic, ginger, "five spice powder", sweet noodle sauce.

First cut steak and (shaved) turnip into even sized cubes.

Sprinkle five spice powder on the beef cubes and stir fry on stove (bigger the fire the better). Cook it just enough so all sides are brown but the insides are still raw.

stir fry onion with the oil the steak produces until it's brown.

boil the chicken broth and stir in all the ingredients (beef, turnip, onion, ginger, garlic), add in the spice pouch, soy sauce, suger, anice, and sweet noodle sauce, and let it boil in medium heat for 30 minutes, then covered with the stove off for another 30minutes.