scallion pancakes

1/2 cup of flour
1/2 cup warm water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp garlic powder (optional)
2 tsp sesame oil (vege oil or butter)
2 stalks of scallion
1 Tsp vege oil (shortening)
rolling pin (beer bottle w/ sarin wrap)

in a large bowl, slowly mix water into flour with a spoon. i dont know how much water exactly, but mix until it becomes one dough, some what sticky. let it sit for 5min, while you chop up the scallion as small as possible [optional].

divide the dough in half. sprinkle flour on a flat surface (cutting board), flatten the dough on to board, sprinkle some more flour on the dough. roll the dough flat into a 10x10 in sheet. keep sprinkle flour to prevent it from sticking to board or rolling pin. just get it as flat and big as you can, shape of the sheet doesnt matter as much here, as long as it's in one piece.

sprinkle salt, garlic power, spread evenly with your hand. add oil, spread evenly with back of a spoon. sprinkly scallion [i usually cut stalk in 2, then cut both at the same time with a scissors right on to the sheet, so you get even spread of white and green part]. roll the sheet up like a jelly roll, pinch the ends. then roll the other way into a snail.

flatten the snail with your hand, sprinkle more flour. this time roll it into 6x6 in circular sheet. for a perfect circle, with tip of rolling pin at center of the sheet and handle at the right, roll it towards you, turn the sheet as you roll.

heat up oil in a frying pan, turn the pan so oil is evenly spread, it's ok if they are in drops. turn heat down to medium, put the sheet in, flip a couple times til you see some golden brown dots on both side. dish up, cut into 8 pieces and enjoy.

*makes 2 pancakes, use 1/2 to 1 stalk of scallion per pancake.

*when rolling the sheet up, bigger the sheet, more layers you will have, the oil is for taste, seperate the layers and add air bubbles

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