Pina Colada

3 shots of Daily’s Pina Colada Mix (see substitution below)
1 shot of Rum
2 Tsp pineapple juice, frozen cube
1-3 cubes of ice

Blend everything together, serve in a chilled glass.

You can also substitute Rum with Vodka, or half white rum half dark rum. 1 shot of alcohol is just right for a smoothie type of drink. You can also try 1.5 shot, but any more than that the alcohol will over power the fruity taste.

If you don’t have the mix, substitute it with:
1 shot pineapple juice
4 Tsp coconut cream
1 Tsp sugar syrup

I usually use shot glass for measurement of most ingredients and large chinese table spoon for the rest. Figure most people can measure their alcohol tolerance by shots. But most recipies will use “measure” or other standard measurement units.

1 shot glass = 1.5 measure
1 measure = 3/4 oz = 1.5 Tsp

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