Rice congee

1 cup cooked rice (aka left over, or half cup uncooked)
3 cup water
tiny bit scallion (green part)
1tsp salt

for beef congee:
1/2 cup shreded beef
marinated egg

for pork congee:
1/2 cup shreded pork
1/3 cup shreded pork belly

for sea food congee:
1/2 peeled shrimp
1 stick of fake crab

for sweet congee:
replace scallion and salt with sugar
add some sweet pickles

Boil rice in water in high heat, stir to make sure they are loose. Add salt, stir. Turn to low heat and cook for 20-30min or however long you like, best if you have slow cooker for this. Stir often and cook to the consistency you like, add more water if necessary. Add all other ingredients, turn to medium heat cook til boiled again and dish.

Using left over rice cuts down cooking time, other uses: fried rice, rice pudding.

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