Imitation Samosas

1 potato
1/2 pack wonton wrapper
1Tsp butter
1Tsp thai curry paste
pinch of garlic/onion powder

Peel potato, slide and cut into small pieces (cooks faster). Boil the pieces til you can poke thru easily. Drain and mash, mix in butter, curry paste and garlic powder. Stir til its even goldish color, let it cool.
Cut wrapper diagonally into 2 triangles (Optional, this is so you can wrap filling into triangle shape. Might or might not want to do this, depends on the size of wrapper. Of course you can wrap them however you like, just make sure not too much filling is exposed). Wrap 1/2 to 1 table spoon of potato paste into individual wrapper, lay them out on a big plate, don’t overlap, or they will stick together.
Fire up your deep fryer in high heat (use a small sauce/soup pot, pour in 2-3 cup of oil, 1-2 inches high) . Turn to medium heat and try to maintaint this level. Dump in the pieces one by one, into empty area in the pot, fish them up once they turn alittle yellow (less than a minute). They will turn more gold once they are out, so take them out early rather than late, you can always put them in again if needed. Drain them of oil and put them over sheet of paper towel.
You can heat up leftover in microwave, put them on a layer of towel to keep them dry. Or refry them.

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