Sweet and sour chicken over bok choy

1 large chicken breast (1-2 pounds? you can also use other meat)
1 stalk of scallion (chop white part, dice green part)
2 cloves garlic sliced
1 cup potato starch (or other frying batter)
2 tsp salt and pepper (season salt)
2 Tsp sweet and source sauce (or any other chinese stir fry sauce)

2 stacks of bok choy (baby bok choy or any similar green vege)
1 Tsp squid/fish/soy based seasoning sauce
1 tsp sugar

Cut chicken into small bite pieces, add in salt and pepper, cover and shake it couple times, then let it sit for 10min. Pour in half cup of starch, squish around with your hand, cover all the chicken pieces. Pour in the other half of starch, this time lightly stir the chicken so they are evenly covered and won’t appear slimy. You want to stir alittle so the flour doesn’t just come off when frying.
Deep fry the chicken pieces (see 3rd part of Imitation Samosas), they should float when done. Set aside.
Peel, seperate and clean individual leave of bok choy. Boil one pot of water, put in bok choy, white part down. After it boils again, drain the bok chok. You can either stir fry the bok choy in squid sauce or sugar in a pot, or just shake it. Dish the bok choy, lay them out on the plate if you like.
Heat 1tsp of oil in a wok or large frying pan, add in white scallion and garlic, stir alittle, you should smell the aroma. Pour in sweet sour sauce, add chicken stir alittle. Dish on top of bok choy, sprinkle the green scallion.

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